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What would it be like to sit at Jacob Burckhardt's desk and to plunge into his intellectual and visual world? DESKTOP allows you to find out! In cooperation with the History Department of Basel University and Virtual Valley, the HMB and the SNM in Zürich invite you to visit a digital installation that allows you to experience Burckhardt's historical vision as an immersion into virtual space.

The point of departure and the center of the installation is Jacob Burckhardt’s original desk, which is part of the HMB’s collection. This is the desk at which Burckhardt wrote his books, drafted letters, prepared his lectures, and organized his thoughts. In the exhibit, the desk becomes a digital interface granting access to Burckhardt’s historical analysis and his acute critique of his own times. Thus, DESKTOP allows visitors to learn about various aspects of Burckhardt's thought while simultaneously exploring the opportunities which digital media offer to contemporary historiography.

For more pics and a short video of the installation of DESKTOP click here

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Basel, 4th may to 29th july

  Zürich, 24th august to 7th october

An Essay by Urs Hafner published in

UniNova Research Magazine of the University of Basel               

Impressions from the opening

The production - insights and work in process

Here you find the OpenDesk-Project of AtFab by Filson & Rohrbacher

DESKTOP - Jacob Burckhardt Digital: the trailer

From the original to digitization to the replica - Gary Rohrbacher's "Opendesk"

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